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CNC Controlled Automation Beam Drill Line,


High-Speed Carbide Drilling

Simultaneous Multi-Axis Drilling

(3) 20 Hp Variable Speed Spindles

200 - 1,200 Variable Spindle Rpm

24” Independent Spindle Length Travel

Electric AC Servo / Ball Screw Drill Feed System

Automatic Web Location Gaging And Web Depth Hole Compensation

Thru-Spindle Coolant System

#4 Morse Taper

Positioning Accuracy +/- 1/32”

Machine Weight Approx. 38,000 Lbs

Air Conditioned Windows XP Controller

Easily Networked

Material Capacity

Maximum material width: 44”
Minimum material width: 4”
Maximum material weight: 1,000 lb/ft
Maximum hole size:
                    1-7/8” with 15hp motors
                    2-1/4” with 20hp motors
Maximum flange height: 18”


Retrofit in 2015 with windows XP, new servo valves and motors.

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