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Esab Precision Plasma / Oxy Cutting System
New in 2004, Completely Reconditioned in 2014


Gantry Dual Side Drive
Cutting Area:
Plasma Torch:
Oxy Torch:
Plasma Power Source:
Cutting Amperage:      
Power Source Voltage:  
Rail System:    
Rail Lengths:

10' x 24'
PT 36 Water Cooled Torch
ESAB Precision Plasmarc M3 600 Plasma System
600 Ampere Power Supply
200/230/460/575, 3 Ph, 60 Hz.

Vision T5 CNC Graphics Control System, (Internal Floppy Drive
Shadow Rail System With Machined Rails

Vision T5 CNC Controller with 18.5” Wide Color LCD Touch Screen, 8 Position Joy Stick
250 GB Hard Drive, 1 GB Ram (Expandable to 4GB)
Plate Marker with Character Generator
High Speed Torch Lifter
Automatic Height Control
Automatic Gas Flow |
3 Axis Gantry
Precision Dual-Linear Rail Y-Axis Guiding System
Digital AC Drive Amplifiers
AC Brushless Motors
Collision Sensor
Magnetic Breakaway Crash Protection
Precision Heavy Duty Gearbox
Down Draft Table
High Speed Cutting, Precision, Production Cutting and Plasma
- Provides "Precision" cutting from 60 to 400 Amps
- Provides "Production" cutting from 60 to 600 Amps
- Pierce up to 2" thick Carbon Steel at 450 Amps Oxygen Plasma
- Cuts up to 3" thick Carbon Steel at 450 Amps Oxygen Plasma
- Cuts up to 1.5" thick Stainless Steel or Aluminum with 600 Amp Nitrogen Plasma
- Sever up to 6" thick Stainless Steel or Aluminum with 600 Amp Argon-Hydrogen

Manuals And Schematics Included

ESAB Cutting Systems has developed a revolutionary machine tool that takes advantage of the latest developments in Precision Plasma to cut parts close to laser quality at a fraction of the cost

Catalogue Specifications.  Information is believed to be correct but purchaser is advised to verify information by inspection.

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