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Esab Hi Definition Plasma Cutting System
New in 2001, Reconditioned in 2012

Dual Side Drives
Cutting Area: 12’ x 28’
Plasma Power Source: Hypertherm HP260XD
Cutting Amperage: 260 Ampere Power Supply
Power Source Voltage: 200/230/460/575, 3 ph, 60 Hz.

Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC Graphics Control
Dual Rack & Pinion Rail System
Water w/Submerged Cutting Capabilities
Table: 12' x 28'
Magnetic Break Away Torch Head
All Available Manuals and schematics included

ESAB Cutting Systems has developed a revolutionary machine tool that takes advantage of the latest developments in Precision Plasma to cut parts close to laser quality at a fraction of the cost

Catalogue Specifications.  Information is believed to be correct but purchaser is advised to verify information by inspection.

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