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Fanuc S-420F, 6 Axis Welding Robot

Number of Axis:
Height Reach:
Vertical Reach:
Pour Capacity (Aluminum):
Axis 1 Robot Motion Range:
Axis 2 Robot Motion Range:
Axis 3 Robot Motion Range:
Axis 4 Robot Motion Range:
Axis 5 Robot Motion Range:
Axis 6 Robot Motion Range:
95 inches
107.52 inches
264 pounds
+/-300 degrees
+/-115 degrees
+/-130 degrees
+/-360 degrees
+/-240 degrees
+/-360 degrees
The S-420 is a six-axis articulated arm robot with a 120kg (264 lbs) payload and has a 2413 mm (95”) reach. The S-420 has a 300 base rotation and can manipulate 120kg (264 lbs) payloads with a 2731 mm (107.5”) vertical travel. It has a repeatability of 0.5mm (002”) at maximum speed and extension.

NOTE: An effort has been made to assure the above specifications are accurate, however, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to confirm the actual model, capacity, attachments, accessories, extras and condition. We urge buyers to inspect all machinery and equipment prior to purchase.

Subject to Prior Sale


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