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Used IGM RT 330, 16 Axis Gantry Style Welding Robot

Arm Length Approx.
Robot suspended length:
Number of Simultanious Controlled Axes:
Total Arm Length About
Effective Working Arm Length
Boom Of Ground Road To The Center RT330
390” + Y axis
11.9 m
10.3 m
Simultaneous control of all axes.
K4 Programming Console And IGM Control Cassette With B & R Display
Lines of information on display11
Pages of information on display7
Jog buttons for robot, slides, and positioners with (8) different speeds
Complete read/write capabilities to and from floppy disk
Complete read/write capabilities to and from hard disk
Password Protection
Program names can have up to 8 Alpha/Numeric characters
Complete Edit capabilities:
Plus Step, Minus Step,
Insert Step, Delete Step
Step Correction
Display Of Available RAM Memory
Welding Program Is Loaded From Hard Disk And Can Be Saved To Floppy Disk
Programmable and adjustable wire feed speed
Programmable and adjustable arc voltage
Programmable and adjustable travel speed
Crater Fill Routine
Coordinated Motion of Positioners
Control Cabinet 8A
Control Cabinet Air Conditioning
MTB Calculator With HD Disk (850 mb) And 3-1/2” Floppy Drive
2 Rotary And Tilting Tables
2 Tailstocks
2xx Sliding Track  - With About 3-m Length
Lincoln Electric Power Wave 455 M Power Supply

IGM Robot Is A “Real Welding Robot”, Made Only For Welding And Is Very User-Friendly And Easy To Program For Welders.

NOTE: An effort has been made to assure the above specifications are accurate, however, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to confirm the actual model, capacity, attachments, accessories, extras and condition. We urge buyers to inspect all machinery and equipment prior to purchase.

Subject to Prior Sale

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