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Mitsubishi MVR-40 CNC Double Column 5-Sided Vertical Machining Center
with Fanuc 31i Model A

Table Size
Distance Between Columns
Maximum Height Under Spindle Nose
X-Axis Travel, Table Longitudinal
Y-Axis Travel, Head1
Z-Axis Travel, Spindle
W-Axis Travel, Crossrail
Ram Size
Spindle Diameter
Spindle Speeds
Spindle Taper
Spindle Drive Motor
Cutting Feeds
X-Axis Positioning Accuracy
Y-Axis Positioning Accuracy
Z-Axis Positioning Accuracy
W-Axis Positioning Accuracy
Rapid Traverse, X-Axis
Rapid Traverse, Y-Axis
Rapid Traverse, Z-Axis
Rapid Traverse, W-Axis
Approximate Machine Weight
236.22" X 118.11"
13.7" X 13.7"
17-4000 RPM
No. 50
40 HP
.039-393.7 IPM
+/- 0.0010/244.1"
+/- 0.0008/157.5"
+/- 0.0002/31.5"
+/- 0.0003/43.3"
590.55 IPM
866.14 IPM
393.70 IPM
118.11 IPM
130,000 Lbs
Equipped With:
  • Fanuc 31i-Model A CNC Control
  • 80 Position Automatic Tool Changer
  • Mitsubishi Vhrh-30-35-35p-Ac CNC Right Angle Head With 1-Degree Indexing
  • 5-Face Machining Software
  • Geared Head
  • Attachment Storage For Right Angle Head
  • Factory Column Riser For 84.6" Clearance Spindle Nose To Table
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Mp Scales On X,Y,Z,W Axes
  • Coolant/Air Thru Spindle, 141 Psi
  • Telescoping Way Covers
  • Automatic Head Changer System
  • Chip Conveyor

Very good working condition
Available for immediate inspection and delivery
Catalogue Information, Personal inspection is recommended


Full Tooling Package Available  Price On Request
Machine Fully Installled Ready To Inspect Under Power In South Bend Indiana Area Shop!
Mitsubishi New List Price:. 1.8 Million With All Options.  * Delivery Issues!.
Professional Machine Dis-Assembley And Prep & Loading On Site In Original Shipping Containers And Customer Supplied Trailers.

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Mitsubishi MVR40 Video