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Stanko 5" Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Model 2H636701, New 1980

Spindle 5"
Taper #6 MORSE
Spindle Speeds UP TO - 1250 RPM
Built in Rotary Table 71" x 62"
Cross Travel (X-Axis) 63"
Vertical Travel (Y-Axis) 55"
Saddle Travel (Z-Axis) 55"
Spindle Travel (W-Axis) 24"
Electrical 575/3/60
Approx. Weight  
Equipped with:
Accurite 3 Axis Digital Read Out

360 Degree 71" x 62" T-Slotted Built In Rotary Table
Facing Head

NOTE: An effort has been made to assure the above specifications are accurate, however, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to confirm the actual model, capacity, attachments, accessories, extras and condition. We urge buyers to inspect all machinery and equipment prior to purchase.

Subject to Prior Sale

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