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Blansko SK-50A Dual Column CNC Vertical Boring Mill, New 1977

Table Diameter
Work Height
Between Columns
Side Head Horizontal Travel
Max Work Piece Weight
Electrics (normal running load of 280 amps)
187” (15’7”)
228" (19’)
100,000 Lbs
100 HP
Equipped With:
Siemens 828d Controls
Single Channel CNC Tracer
(2) Cross rail Tool Heads
(1) Side head
4-Jaw Chuck
Upgraded Servo Control X & Z
New 1977

Very good working condition
Available for immediate inspection and delivery
Catalogue Information, Personal inspection is recommended

Additional info:
  • Cross section of cutting tool: 2.250" x 2.250"

  • Number of Cross rail Tool Heads: (2)

  • Number of Side Heads: (1) Note: Side head ram is adapted for accommodation of clamping tools

  • Number of chuck jaws: (4)

  • Equipment for turning tapers & cutting threads using change gears with right-hand tool head on cross-rail

  • Width of T-Slots in table: 1.41"

  • Distance between table center & column edge measured in inclined plane (approx): 104"

  • Distance range between table center & tool holder of side head: 51" to 100"

  • Max lowering of center of side head ram below table: 9.45"

  • Diameter range of work pieces that can be clamped by jaws: 28.55" to 179.7"

  • Rate of Cross rail adjustment (approx): 24 inches/minute

  • Horizontal movement of side head ram: 49.23"

  • Horizontal movement of cross rail tool head measured from machine center to center of ram adjusted to its extreme outer position (approx): 0.785" to 112.9"

  • Number of feeds to cross rail tool head: (14)

  • Number of feeds to side head: (14)

  • Vertical and horizontal rapid feed motions to cross rail tool head: 28 IPM

  • Vertical and horizontal rapid feed motions to side head: 28 IPM

  • Power-operated swiveling of cross rail tool heads: 16 rpm

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