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Bodor Fiber Lasers
1000 to 30000 Watts

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Bodor Laser is a leading Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer. They manufacture Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machines, Tube Metal Cutting Machines, and Combo Laser Cutting Machines. Bodor Laser is the Choice of 2500+ companies worldwide for 10kW+ laser cutting machines in 65 different countries and regions. They have 3000+ employees around the world and over 300 R&D Technicians and more than 700 patents and 40 awards.

The US Headquarters is in Schaumberg, IL. They have multiple warehouses across the US and have in-stock inventories to meet clients’ needs. They have a full-service team of technicians to meet all the service needs, competitive fully stocked spare parts department with an online store here in Schaumberg as well, and both in-house and online tech support for aftersales. Bodor stands by all its products, and they believe in taking exceptional care of all customers.

Available Models
Click forP Series Brochure
P3 5' x 10'
P4 6' x 12'
P6 8' x 20'
P12 8-1/2' x 41'
Available Wattages
Wattage Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
1500 1/2" 1/4"
2000 5/8" 3/8"
3000 3/4" 1/2"
6000 1" 3/4"
Video Demonstrations
Carbon Steel Video.jpg (2849 bytes) Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel Video.jpg (2849 bytes) Stainless
Aluminum Video.jpg (2849 bytes) Aluminum
Brass Video.jpg (2849 bytes) Brass
Tube Lasers
Square & Rounds 3/4" - 9" Diameter x Up to 30' Length
Video.jpg (2849 bytes)Tube Laser Video

Video.jpg (2849 bytes) Loading System