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Tos W100 A
Horizontal Boring Mill
Completely Re-Manufactured

Delivered to Your Plant, Installed, Including Training
and One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee


Diameter of working spindle:
Travel X-axis
Travel Y-axis:
Travel Z-axis:
Travel W-axis:
Spindle speed:
Spindle taper:
Rapid traverse:
Rotary Table size:
Weight capacity:
Main motor:
Dimension of machine:

71 - 1120 RPM
ISO 50
110 IPM
49" x 49"
6,620 Lbs.
14 HP
264.1” (L) x 135” (W) x 118” (H)

Equipped With:
24 Inch Facing Head With Maximum Face Milling Diameter 35.5”
Tail Stock
Built In Rotary Table with Rotary Encoder and 4 x 90 Optical Readout
New Motor and Electrics.
New 4 Axis Heidenhain DRO,
New Spindle and Spindle Bearings
New Central Lubrication System for All Axes
New Telescopic Covers
All New Documentation
CE Electrical Specifications
•    Complete disassembling of machine, cleaning of parts, exchange of defected parts
•    Headstock – new spindle with cone ISO 50
•    All bearings are new, including main spindle bearings, new bronze cases
•    Repair of face plate
•    New spindle with coupling drive
•    Scraping of gibs, new fixed pin
•    New rocker arm, fork, new spindle keys
•    New striking lever, spring, wedges, dispatches
•    New metrical ruler
•    New manual wheel
•    New power tool clamping system, including hydraulic system
•    Way surfaces Z, Y, X are reground, mating slides are milled for resurface, gibs reground and scraped
•    Sliding surface of headstock are scraped
•    Repair of screws, new bolts, new bearing houses
•    Re-turning of clamping area of table
•    New wipers of sliding areas
•    New electrical switchboard and all interconnections, new energy grits
•    New lubrication distribution, including feeders
•    New digital measuring of axis X, Z, Y
•    Surface treatment of machine, refining, new painting, RAL standard (blue color)
•    B axis measurement we use Heidenhain POSITIP 880 (X, Y, Z)
•    Portable control panel PP100
•    Short tool holder for facing head
•    Long telescopic tool holder for facing head
•    Tailstock (overhauled, only with motoric mechanical clamping)
•    Sliding bush of the outboard support, dia 80 mm
•    Sliding bush of the outboard support, dia 100 mm
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