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Model USL47240CZ

Large 2-3/8"diameter, 2 TPI pitch leadscrew !

This precision, medium duty geared head engine lathe incorporates hardened and precision ground bedways and wide, precision ground gears. It has a gap-bed design, large diameter leadscrew, separate feed rod and weight bearing tailstock. There are forward/reverse levers at both the apron and the head stock with rapid feed on lathe apron.

As with all U.S. Industrial lathes, it comes with a compliment of standard accessories, 3 and 4-jaw chucks, follow and steady rests, rapid travel, work lamp, a coolant system and an operator/service manual.

Standard Equipment: (Items below are INCLUDED with the machine):

• 16" 3-jaw chuck. Universal, self-centering with American standard tongue and groove top jaws
• 25" 4-jaw independent chuck
• Steady rest - 12" capacity
• 40" Face Plate & Dog Plate
• Follow rest - 7" capicty
• 4-way toolpost
• Rapid travel
• Thread Dial
• Inch reading dials on Apron, Cross-Slide and, compound


Safety chuck shield (not shown)
• Work lamp
• Taper attachment (included & installed)
• Flood coolant system and rear tank
• Large spindle bore to pass 4"
• Cable track wiring protection behind bed
• Manual with test certificate
• Qty of Two, 3 shaft supports for long lathe (slides along bed and supports lead screw, feed rod and chuck control rod.)


Specifications and important information:

Swing Over Bed
Swing Over Cross-Slide
Swing Over Gap
Length of Bedways
Maximum Workpiece Length with 3-Jaw Chuck
(Longer with 4-Jaw or faceplate and tailstock overhang.)
Maximum Workpiece Weight, between centers
(With steady rest support.)
Maximum Workpiece Weight, between centers
(Without steady rest support.)
Spindle Bore
Spindle Mount Type
18 Spindle Speeds
72 Longitudinal Feeds
72 Cross Feeds
52 Metric Threads
56 Inch Threads
43 Module Threads
27 Diametral Pitch Threads
Compound Rest Travel
Cross-Slide Travel
Tailstock Taper
Tailstock Spindle Travel
Main Motor HP
Rapid Feed Motor
Coolant Pump Motor
Lathe Gross Weight
Skid Dimensions

6,613 Lbs.

2,645 Lbs.

D1-11 Camlock
14 to 750 RPM
.0035 to 1.52 IPR
1/3 of Longitudinal value
1 to 240mm
1 to 56 TPI
0.5 to 56mm
1 to 28 DP
No. 6 Morse Taper
15 HP 220/440, 3 Phase
0.25 HP
90 watts, 6.6 gallons per minute
22,500 lbs. (Net weight: 19,500 Lbs.)
331" long, 48" wide, 80" tall

PRICE………………..F.O.B. MEMPHIS……………………………………………$ Call
Delivery from stock Memphis, TN.  Allow prep time and ship time.

AVAILABLE OPTIONS: (Please check delivery at time of order)
Taper attachment......................................................Included
Newall 2-axis digital readout, installed
Optional 17.5" Steady Rest (8 week delivery)
Quick Change Toolpost Kit with Holders
Iscar Cutting Tool Package

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